The new Mercedes Benz E Class

January 11, 2016 Detroit hosted the car show, where trends were presented to the automotive industry. No exception was the German Mercedes-Benz group, which presented a new model of the E-Class sedan. According to the group, European consumers will see the new car on the market at the beginning of spring. The basis on which is based the new Mersedes E-class 2016 (W213) has served as a new platform – MRA, due to which the designers of the company managed to increase the dimensions of the new car, to make its interior even more spacious and comfortable, reducing, in this case, its weight up to 100 kilograms. Dimensions of the new body are as follows: 2939 – wheelbase, 4923 – the length of the body. Manufacturers also noted the improved aerodynamic streamlining and increased body – the parameters that directly affect the speed.
The photos of Mersedes E-class 2016 look really impressive – fully disclosed all the advantages of its interior and exterior. It is noticeable that in the interior design of the car, decorated with natural wood and leather, new notes were introduced. For example, already familiar to all dashboard is replaced by the console with a large high-resolution touch screen and intuitive menu control display. The console is combined with a multimedia system that previously occurred only in the Mercedes S-Class. Innovations that have been made to the interior of the cabin, enable a new Mersedes E-class 2016 to call a truly comfortable car.